0 Jeff Nishinaka : sang KRERATOR SENI KERTAS yang FANTASTIS !!!

These thrilling paper sculptures were created by Los Angeles illustrator and sculptor Jeff Nishinaka who is 52 years old. Jeff is fond of paper craft since 1982. He uses simple tools: tweezers, a mechanical pencil, toothpicks, art knives, cutting mats, etc. to curve the edges. It takes from 3 days to 4 months to produce each intricate sculpture. His amazing pieces range from 8 in by 8 in to 20 feet tall by 20 feet wide.

All the works are given a 3-D look through careful layering of the paper and clever lighting. The price for one piece can go up to £64,000.

By the way, Jeff’s close friend is actor Jackie Chan who owns a big collection of great paper sculptures.

di kutip dari : http://www.klikunic.com/2011/11/jeff-nishinaka-sang-krerator-seni.html#ixzz1dZ8kDUlx

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