0 Ferrari 612 GTO Concept of Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

Future Ultimate Machine Ferrari 612 GTO
Unfortunately Ferrari 612 GTO is concept design and is not going to hit the road soon but not sure about future. Ferrari does not make a new GTO car very often, about one in two decade on average. So take spin and burn tyre with the latest Ferrari 599 GTO available in the Ferrari showroom next to your house.
Ferrari 612 GTO concept design by German designer Sasha Selipanov of Ferrari Scaglietti 612. Selipanov has not mentioned what might be done on Ferrari Scaglietti 612  5.7- liter V12 engine or indeed any other mechanical details, so its up to you to speculate but 600bhp engine is surely be the minimum requirement for Ferrari  612 GTO. And if any possibility exits for future ultimate machine Ferrari 612 GTO we have to wait for at least decade time to see one on road or in motor show.
For now let see the Ferrari 612 GTO pictures and feel how it will look if it on road.

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